James Blackburn


Here you can watch movie trailers and short films that James Blackburn has worked on over the last few years.

Hireling - Chapter 3

James wrote, directed, edited and played the lead role of Mr. Grey in this web series.

Last Day on set of the Lone Ranger

Last day on set of the Lone Ranger with special guest, Armie Hammer.
James Blackburn documents his life over the course of one year from Nov. 29th, 2011 to Nov. 29th, 2012. (Episode #1)

Taming the Wild West

A clip from Taming the Wild West a history channel movie from 2005.

Trailer for "The 420 Movie"

A movie created by: James Blackburn

Grave Mistake

Trailer for the zombie movie “Grave Mistake” created by: Shawn Darling

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